About Me

In my treatments, I prefer to adopt a ‘patient-centred’ approach- explaining clearly to my patients exactly what seems to be causing their pain or symptoms and what options we have for treatment.

To this end, each patient’s session is completely individual; however some basic principles guide all my treatments:

  • Wherever possible to use evidence-based and up to date techniques and exercise
  • Be realistic about treatment expectations and limitations – and to be clear about what to expect from a session
  • Always to incorporate remedial exercise or self-help which is relevant to and practical for each patient

I’ve been very privileged to work successfully with patients across a wide spectrum: from the elderly to chronic pain sufferers to nationally ranked athletes and everyone in-between.  My treatment methodology is largely founded on the functional use of the body and restoring as best as possible correct, normal movements to it.

My first venture into the world of biomechanics and physical therapies came many years ago when I first made the transition to barefoot running in California.  At the time I was running quite a high mileage routine and would pick up the same debilitating injuries: runner’s knee, ITB syndrome, top-of-foot pain – the list goes on.  Finally I began searching the internet (as you do), and I came across Barefoot Ken Bob (who’s site is well worth a read even if you’ve no athletic interest) and the idea that we may well have gotten it all wrong with the way we were taught to run in high school and college.  The idea of stripping away all the gadgets and ‘help’ we are sold in the name of our ‘imperfect’ human bodies was one that was instantly appealing to me.

Since that point, my passion for tapping into the human body’s innate ability to regulate and heal itself has led me down many paths of learning, from the most basic massage techniques to integrated functional exercise.  Most recently I have finished my training as a registered osteopath, which I felt was the next logical step in building my professional portfolio.  This principle of working with the body not just to lessen painful symptoms but to improve health and well-being is central to osteopathic practice, and one which I found myself perfectly aligned to.


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